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Developing new platforms for genomic testing in a lateral flow format

We work to translate our clients’ innovative ideas into successful commercial products through each step of the lateral flow assay manufacturing process. We have over 20 years of experience developing and manufacturing lateral flow tests for a diverse range of healthcare and environmental targets. This includes both qualitative and quantitative assays for use with various LFD readers including smartphone apps with cloud-based data transfer and storage. We manufacture and prepare critical reagents such as conjugates of colloidal gold, latex microspheres, and Cellulose Nanobeads for in-house use as well as for sale to our customers under appropriate contractual arrangements.

Our collaborative and flexible approach allows our partners to quickly address opportunities and unmet needs in the healthcare and environmental assay market. Our lateral flow diagnostic devices (LFDs) are produced by a team of scientists with decades of experience in regulated environments. We are trained to meet your quality requirements and focused on delivering peak customer satisfaction. Our Quality Management System is built on ISO 13485 and 21 CFR 820 guidelines so that you can serve regulated markets.

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7 Brand New Modular Clean Rooms (2500 sq ft) plus a full high performance dry room (800 sq ft) in our New Jersey location

We manufacture your products in our brand new 126,000 sq foot manufacturing facility in Logan Township, NJ. The market segments we serve include diagnostic tests for agricultural and food safety testing, GMO crops, food allergens, environmental residues, livestock feed additives, specialty markers for biotechnology R&D, clinical analytes, veterinary tests, and other substances & agents of scientific significance. We collaborate with a network of academic and government institutions to complement our capabilities. We develop longstanding relationships with companies of all sizes, from emerging high potential start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations serving global markets. We succeed by earning the trust and confidence of our customers. Let us earn yours!

Why Partner with Us?

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Over 20 years manufacturing quantitative lateral flow tests to meet rigorous requirements for reproducibility and performance
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Interactive systems created to integrate efforts closely with each client’s requirements
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On-site manufacturing of colloidal gold ensure a robust supply chain and enable large-scale production of strips and conjugates
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Leading diagnostic companies stake their brand reputations on our quality system

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