Extending our excellence in ELISAs to assays customized for specific applications

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Our highly experienced team, which includes scientists with Ph.D.s in chemistry and molecular biology, is ready to design a custom assay for any application. We can handle all or some of the process including targeting novel analytes, developing specific proteins, antibodies, or other reagents, and validating the assay. We can even manufacture private-labeled and custom diagnostic kits. Please fill out the inquiry form below if interested in learning more about our custom assay kits.

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Testing Services

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Testing Services

We are built on more than three decades of experience crafting ELISA Diagnostics, with a unique focus on urinalysis of nephrology biomarkers. We recognize that the precise measurement of urine samples is not always the best use of internal resources. Which is why, after receiving many requests from customers, we now offer urinalysis services. Using our Contract Testing Services is easy and efficient- simply send us your samples and we’ll keep you informed during the assay process. If our quality control or decades of experience suggest that your data warrants further explanation or re-analysis, we’ll let you know. Once the assay is complete, you’ll receive fully analyzed data.

While we use all of our own kits when possible, we can also create custom assays or use third-party kits to ensure measurement of any analyte. At Ethos, we know what matters most is your data. Maximize productivity while ensuring generation of reliable, reproducible data by outsourcing your ELISA urinalysis to us. Pricing starts at $40/sample for single analytes plus the cost of the kits; minimum order required. Learn more or request a quote by inquiring below. We look forward to supporting your project!

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