At Ethos Biosciences, we know that finding the right contract manufacturing partner can be difficult. You might come across questions such as: How can I be sure they have the expertise to match our product requirements? Will they provide the technical support needed? Will we encounter supply chain issues? These are all examples of the key considerations to consider before partnering with a company on a large project. We know the importance of delivering high-quality products while meeting quality and regulatory requirements. Working with the right company can be a great resource with plenty of benefits to focus your efforts and resources on initiatives that move your company forward. Partner with us!

Why Choose Us as your Contract Manufacturing Partner?

We can develop. We have over 80 years of experience manufacturing high quality, repeatable, easy-to-use diagnostics and reagents. Our expanded R&D team is capable of immuno-assay development across all major diagnostic platforms.
We can scaleWe are extremely efficient at manufacturing in both regulated and non-regulated environments. Our state-of-the-art 126,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and warehouse facility gives us the capabilities to manufacture, formulate, and package diagnostics and reagents.
We offer exceptional service.We offer continuous technical, customer, and supply chain support to assist with troubleshooting, product selection, and technical marketing throughout the entire duration of your project. 

Capabilities to Handle Any Project

126,000 sq ft manufacturing area in Logan Township, NJ
  • 30,000 sq ft manufacturing (flammable & hazardous material)
  • 35,000 sq ft warehouse w/ integrated inventory management
  • 5,000 sq ft H3-classified hazardous storage area
  • 40,000 sq ft undeveloped space for expansion
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5,000 sq ft specialty manufacturing area
  • 2 x ISO-8 Clean room production suites
  • 2 x H-3, explosion-proof hazardous suites
  • Controlled raw material and finished product storage
  • Access controlled for proprietary products & customers

What type of diagnostics can we manufacture?


The future involves development of assays with higher sensitivities which will enable the discovery of new biomarkers for disease diagnosis. Our customizable solutions enable you to get the best possible assay. We’ve manufactured assays that have over 2,000 citations worldwide.

Lateral Flow Devices

We bring extensive experience developing and manufacturing lateral flow tests for a diverse range of substances and agents. Our collaborative approach and support allow our partners to succeed in the rapidly growing markets for lateral flow diagnostic devices.

Dyes Stains

We are private label manufacturers for leading diagnostic instrument companies and laboratory product distributors. We offer decades of experience formulating and producing high-performance stains that will consistently yield slides with excellent differentiation of target cellular components.