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exocell elisa kits
ELISA Kits, Diluents, Antibodies, & Hemoglobin Standards

Exocell has over 30 years of experience manufacturing ELISA kits, reagents, antibodies, and hemoglobin fractions. Our easy-to-use diagnostics and reagents are primarily used in experimental and clinical research of kidney disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders.

astral stains reagents
Stains & Reagents

Astral Diagnostics has over 20 years of experience manufacturing high-quality stains and reagents for laboratory, veterinary and clinical research, and diagnostics. You can view our stains by stain type: hematology, histology, cytology, microbiology, and veterinary pathology.

lateral flow devices
Lateral Flow Devices

Since its incorporation in 2000, American Bionostica has been manufacturing lateral flow tests and assays for OEM clients in food safety, agricultural, environmental, veterinary medical, biodefense, and clinical sectors. Our collaborative approach & support allows our customers to succeed in the rapidly growing market.

Our Mission

We manufacture high-quality products that are accurate, repeatable, and easy to use.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of assays & reagents for specialty indications & applications.

Our Purpose

We exist to drive better healthcare outcomes by providing diagnostic tools for scientists and practitioners.

Our Locations

Logan Township, New Jersey

Logan Township 1
2070 Center Square Road

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

Newtown Square
3805 West Chester Pike, Suite 600
  • 127,000 sq ft manufacturing + warehouse area
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  • Customer Service

Our Family

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Ethos Biosciences

Founded in 1961, Polysciences offers a broad range of products & tailored solutions in addition to custom synthesis & contract manufacturing services for the life sciences, bioprocessing, microparticles, medical device, specialty chemical, and electronic chemical industries.

Founded in 1988, Bangs Laboratories is a manufacturer of microsphere-based reagents and analytical instrument calibrators used for in vitro diagnostics as well as academic and clinical research programs.

Founded in 2018 and expanded in 2021, Ethos Biosciences was established to continue the design, development, and manufacture of high-quality, easy-to-use diagnostic test kits and reagents.

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