• DTNB (Ellman's) Thiol Oxidative Stress Assay

    DTNB (Ellman’s) Thiol Oxidative Stress Assay


    Product #: 1021

    Specimen Required: 50 µl

    Assay Range: 0-56.9 nmole/well

    Precision: Intra- and interassay precision <5%


  • Human CRP ELISA


    (h C reactive protein ELISA, Strip Plate) The h CRP ELISA kit contains all of the components and reagents you need to assay human C reactive protein in up to 40 duplicate urine or cell free liquid samples (plasma, serum, cell culture supernatant, etc…). Intended Use: CRP-H ELISA is a quantitative sandwich ELISA for measurement of human…

  • Human TNF-sR2 ELISA (Tumor necrosis factor soluble receptor)


    (h tumor necrosis factor soluble receptor II ELISA) TNF-sR2 ELISA: An ELISA designed to measure Tumor Necrosis Factor Soluble Receptor II of human origin in plasma, serum, urine or cell culture supernatant.Intended Use: TNF-sR2 ELISA is a quantitative sandwich ELISA formeasurement of humanTNF-sRII found in plasma, serum, andsupernatant. It is for research purposes, and is not intended fordiagnostic use. Kit Contents: The TNF-sR2…