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The Creatinine Companion


(h, m, r microplate)

This assay is designed for companion use with Exocell’s immunospecific ELISAs for urine albumin excretion*, allowing expression of results as μg albumin per mg creatinine in the urine.  

The Creatinine Companion kit contains all of the components and reagents you need to assay creatinine of any species in up to 88 duplicate urine samples. This is a chemical assay, does not contain antibodies, and is recommended only for urine.

Kit Contents:
. 96 well microtiter plates (2)
. Picrate Reagent (2x10ml)
. 1 N NaOH
. Acid Reagent (2x12 ml)
. Standards (1, 3 and 10 mg/dL)

Adaptation of creatinine measurement to microtiter wells enables convenient, simultaneous determination of albumin and creatinine concentrations in the same specimen, using analogous microtiter plate formats. Normalization of albumin excretion in relation to creatinine facilitates classification according to defined ranges of microalbuminuria, the established marker of early diabetic renal dysfunction (1-3). The urine albumin-to creatinine ratio in a random urine specimen is an accepted alternative to cumbersome 24 hour urine collections in the detection and monitoring of microalbuminuria (4).  The procedure is an adaptation of the alkaline picrate method (5), and entails determination of the differential absorbance in a sample before and after the addition of acid to correct for color generation due to interfering substances(6).