Rat Cystatin C ELISA


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Rat Cystatin C ELISA

Intended Use: Rat Cystatin C ELISA is designed to measure rat cystatin C in a competitive format in urine, serum, saliva or cell culture supernatant. It is for research purposes, and is not intended for diagnostic use.

Description: Rat Cystatin C ELISA uses recombinant rat cystatin C (Gly21-Ala140) as standard and a polyclonal antibody raised against recombinant cystatin C. This antibody does not react with rat albumin or rat IgG either in this ELISA or on Western Blot. Natural cystatin C showed dose-response curves that were parallel to the standard curves obtained using the Ethos Biosciences kit standards, indicating that this kit can be used to determine relative levels of native cystatin C. The assay is conducted in an indirect competitive mode and the results are reported as ng/ml rat cystatin C.

The Rat Cystatin C ELISA plates are coated with cystatin C and are supplied blocked and dried. The plates must be washed 2 times before use with wash buffer. To complete the assay, the diluted standards and samples are added to respective wells. The anti-cystatin C antibody is then added. This antibody interacts and binds with the rat cystatin C in solution or with the cystatin C immobilized to the stationary phase, hence the notion of competitive binding. A subsequent reaction with HRP-conjugated second antibody then binds to the anti-cystatin C antibody bound to the stationary phase of the plate. The bound conjugated antibody is then detected using a chromogenic reaction. Color intensity in Rat Cystatin C ELISA is inversely proportional to the logarithm of the concentration of rat cystatin C in the fluid phase.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x 96-well Cystatin C Assay Plate
  • 2 x NHE-Casein Diluent
  • 1 x Rat Cystatin C Standard
  • 1 x Anti-Cystatin C Antibody
  • 1 x HRP-Conjugate Antibody
  • 1 x TMB Color Developer
  • 1 x Acid Color Stopper
  • 1 x Instruction

Performance Characteristics:

Average CV% <8%
Analytical Range 8-1000 ng/ml
Dose Response 1.0 OD
Model Semi-log
R² >0.97
Linearity Yes
Spike/Recovery Yes
Stability/Shelf Life Real time
Sample Validation Yes
Normal Value Urine 100-800 ng/ml
Normal Value Plasma 1-3 ug/ml


Standard Curve:


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