Rapid PTAH Kit


Product #: 25715

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Our Rapid Phosphotungstic Acid Hematoxylin (Rapid PTAH) Stain kit is used to demonstrate cross-striations of skeletal muscle as well as fibrin and collagen. Used on formalin fixed(formaldehyde fixed), paraffin embedded tissue (FFPE). Rapid PTAH is not only quicker, but also a safer alternative to the standard PTAH since it is mercury free.
Muscle striations, fibrin and nuclei are stained various shades of blue while collagen, reticulum, basement membranes and cartilage are stained various shades of red to red-brown.
Kit contains: Solution A- Langeron’s Iodine, Solution B- 5% Sodium Thiosulfate, & Solution C Phosphotungstic
Acid Hematoxylin. 25715-250 can stain up to 120 slides. 25715-500 can stain up to 240 slides.

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