Papanicolaou Stain OG-6


Product #: 7042-G

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Papanicolaou stains are used in conjunction with Hematoxylin nuclear stains in the diagnosis of malignant cytological diseases. Gynecological staining protocols use OG-6 and hematoxylin along with either EA-36 or EA-50. Non gynecological procedures require use of EA-65.
Astral’s EASYpap is a single step cytology staining solution. Combination of EA and OG-6 solutions saves times by providing customer with an easy one step process.  Recommended replacement for Harleco® Papanicolaou, OG-6 for Cytology, 7052X-75, 7052X-85, 7052X-86.

For in vitro diagnostic use [IVD]

* This product may have a hazardous shipping charge.

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7042-G Papanicolaou Stain OG-6, 1 Gal, $96.00

Safety Data Sheet

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Hazard Information

UN Hazard Code: 1993

Hazard Description: Danger. Highly flammable liquid vapour. Harmful if swallowed. Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye irritation. Causes damage to organs.

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