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Human Nephrin ELISA


(h Nephrin ELISA, Strip Plate) - For Research Use Only

The Human Nephrin kit contains all of the components and reagents you need to assay human nephrin in up to 40 duplicate urine or cell free liquid samples (plasma, serum, cell culture supernatant, etc…).        

Developed by the nephrology experts at Exocell, the Human Nephrin ELISA kit has been newly updated to remove any cross reactivity to albumin. Nephrin is a transmembrane protein expressed in renal glomerular podocytes; studies in experimental animals and human diabetes suggest nephrinuria is a marker for glomerular filtration dysfunction or podocyte injury. As an indirect competitive ELISA, Nephrin H uses an HRP labeled antibody to detect minute levels of nephrin, primarily in urine. The Nephrin H ELISA contains 1 x 96 well plate, and accounting for standard wells, 80 samples or 40 samples in duplicate (recommended) can be analyzed using one kit. Overnight incubation allows users to prepare the assay on the first day and assess the data on the second day. Included in each kit:
1. One Human Nephrin Assay Plate
2. Two EIA Diluent
3. One Human Nephrin Standard
4. One Anti-human Nephrin Antibody
5. One Anti-mouse IgG-HRP Conjugate
6. Color Developer/Stopper
7. Instructions

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