Gram Stain Set (Stabilized)


Product #: 6060

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Gram Stain Set (stabilized) is used for staining bacteria from cultures or patient specimens by the differential Gram stain method.  Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria are both stained by the crystal violet stain. Addition of the iodine leads to the formation of a crystal violet-iodine complex within the cell wall. The decolorizer extracts lipids from the cell wall of Gram negative bacteria, increasing the porosity of the cell wall and allowing the crystal violet-iodine complex to diffuse from the cell. At the same time, Gram-positive bacteria are dehydrated, causing a decrease in cell wall porosity and trapping the crystal violet-iodine complex within the cell. Due to the increase in porosity, the safranin counterstain is able to permeate the cell wall of the Gram-negative bacteria.  Set contains:  A.) Crystal Violet, B.) Stabilized Iodine, C.) Decolorizer, D.) Safranin. Recommended replacement for Harleco® Gram Stain Set for Microbiology, 65092-93.

For in vitro diagnostic use [IVD]

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Safety Data Sheet

SDS 6060

Hazard Information

UN Hazard Code: 1993

Hazard Description: Danger. Flammable liquid. Causes mild skin irritation. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause long lasting harmful effects to aquatic life