Gram Stain Set (Stabilized)


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This Gram Stain Set (stabilized) is used for staining bacteria from cultures or patient specimens by the differential Gram stain method. This procedure is based upon the Hucker modification of the original Gram stain method. Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria are both stained by the crystal violet stain. Addition of the iodine leads to the formation of a crystal violet-iodine complex within the cell wall. The decolorizer extracts lipids from the cell wall of Gramnegative bacteria, thereby increasing the porosity of the cell wall and allowing the crystal violet-iodine complex to diffuse from the cell. At the same time, Gram-positive bacteria are dehydrated, causing a decrease in cell wall porosity and trapping the crystal violet-iodine complex within the cell. Due to the increase in porosity, the safranin counterstain is able to permeate the cell wall of the Gram-negative bacteria.

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