Glycated Human Hemoglobin A0 (gly HbA0) 1.0 mg


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Our hemoglobin products serve as biologic controls, i.e. as laboratory-based QC controls (e.g. linearity controls) and as controls for analyzer and assay development. They have additionally been utilized as immunogens for antibody development.

Hb Fraction:  Glyco-hemoglobin. Glyco-hemoglobin is the glycated fraction of human hemoglobin A0 prepared from lysed human blood cells by sequential ion-exchange and affinity chromatographic methods. It has 0.5-2.0 glyco groups per hemoglobin molecule, but it is free of HbA1a, HbA1b, HbA1c and HbF. The protein is validated by HPLC methods, and is suitable as a primary standard in chromatographic or immunologic analyses. The reported concentration is determined by Drabkins assay.

Unit size:  1mg


Storage & Handling: The material is supplied in liquid form in dilute potassium cyanide-phosphate buffer. The concentration varies with manufacturing lot, but the protein may be used directly by dilution in buffer in most experimental methods. It is shipped frozen at -20oC.  Short term storage should be at 4oC. Long term storage should be at -60oC. Repeated cycles of freezing and thawing should be avoided.

Not for use in the body. 

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