Europium Chelate COOH Microspheres, 0.10 µm


Product #: FCEU001-1, FCEU001-5, FCEU001-10, FCEU001-100

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Together, Ethos+Bangs offer europium chelate microspheres in diamaters of 0.1µm, 0.2µm, 0.3µm & 0.4µm to address the needs of individual assays, including lateral flow and microwell-based formats. Our europium products offer extremely bright fluorescence and exceptional stability, in addition to well-functionalized carboxylated surfaces for the covalent attachment of ligand.

Nominal Reference Values: Nominal Diameter: 0.20µm (Specification Range 0.190 – 0.210µm)
Concentration: 1% (10mg/mL) aqueous suspension.
0.2µm diameter: – 2.25 e+12 particles /mL (varies w/ diameter)
Excitation max: 365nm
Emission max: 610nm

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1 mL, 10 mL, 100 mL, 5 mL