Combining our operations and areas of expertise to seamlessly deliver contract development and manufacturing services to our customers!

Product Brands

American Bionostica manufactures lateral flow tests for a diverse range of analytes and applications. Our collaborative approach and technical support enable our partners to succeed in the rapidly growing markets for lateral flow diagnostic devices across healthcare, biotechnology, veterinary, food and environmental testing. Visit this brands website.


Astral Diagnostics is a fully integrated manufacturer of dyes, stains, and reagents for clinical, veterinary, and laboratory diagnostics. We provide high quality products coupled with deep application expertise under the AstralDiagnostics brand, as well as contract manufacturing services for leading diagnostic instrument companies and laboratory product distributors. Visit this brands website.


Astral RX manufactures OTC and prescription pharmaceutical formulations for dermatology, podiatry and OB/GYN through our UL certified cGMP manufacturing quality system. In addition, we develop new products and customer formulations of regulated products utilizing our team of chemists, biochemists, and certified medical laboratory technicians and state-of-the-art equipment and labs. Visit this brands website.


Exocell manufactures assays and reagents that have been trusted by the scientific community for over 30 years. Regardless of the analyte, each kit embodies our commitment to accurate and precise measurement, designed to maximize quality and ease-of-use while minimizing variability. Visit this brands website.