Creatinine ELISA

Ensure quantitative analyte measurement from urine with the Creatinine Companion Kit, which provides robust normalization for any urine component.


The Creatinine Companion Kit can be used to normalize the measurement of any analyte in urine, enabling expression of results as μg analyte per mg creatinine. While this Kit is compatible with any ELISA, it is specifically designed to simplify analysis of any Exocell immunospecific ELISA for urine analytes. The kit uses a quick and quantitative chemical colorimetric test, an adaptation of the alkaline picrate method, that provides a creatinine measurement based on a comparison of sample absorbance at 500 nm versus a standard curve.

Expected values
The following albumin/creatinine ratios, taken from Warram et al (4), are provided as a guide for classification of microalbuminuria in human subjects.

Normal:ug Albumin/mg creatinine
Men <17
Women <25 

Low Microalbuminuria:
Men 17-58
Women 25-63

High Microalbuminuria:
Men 58-250
Women 63-355

Clinical Proteinuria:
Men >250