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Rat Troponin I ELISA


(r Troponin I ELISA, Strip Plate)

The Troponin I kit contains all of the components and reagents you need to assay rat Troponin I protein in up to 40 duplicate urine or cell free liquid samples (plasma, serum, cell culture supernatant, etc…).

Intended Use: Troponin I ELISA is a direct ELISA for quantitation of Troponin I found in serum, plasma and supernatant. It is for research purposes, and is not intended for diagnostic use.

Kit Contents: The Troponin I ELISA kit contains the following items:
a. 1 Troponin I Assay Plate
b. 2 Troponin I Diluents
c. 1 Troponin I Standard
d. 1 Second Anti-Troponin I antibody
e. 1 HRP conjugated antibody
f. 1 Color Developer
g. 1 Color Stopper
h. 1 Instructions

Technical Background: Troponin I is a complex of three proteins (troponin C, troponin I, and troponin T) that regulate skeletal and cardiac muscle contraction. Cardiac troponin I and T are sensitive and specific indicators of myocardial damage, and their blood levels rise in relation to the extent of injury to heart muscle from various conditions or from drug-induced cardiotoxicity. Cardiac troponins may be usefuls in predicting cardiovascular risk and mortality in the presence of chronic renal disease.

The rat troponin I has three separate isoforms: two in skeletal muscle fibers, and one in cardiac muscle. The cardiac isoform (cTnI) has a molecular weight of 22.5 kdaltons and is about 40% different from the skeletal isoforms. Antibodies specific for troponin I do not react immunologically with the other skeletal isoforms and are unique for the cardiac isoform. The Exocell Troponin I ELISA is a direct ELISA using two different affinity purified antibodies to troponin I. The first antibody is coated on a microtitre plate. The second is added to the coated plate after the standards and samples are added. The troponin I reacts simultaneously with the antibody coated on the plate and in solution allowing a “sandwich” of solid phase antibody – troponin I. HRP conjugated antibody is added after an overnight incubation. The free conjugated antibody is washed away allowing the bound HRP- antibody to be detected with a color developer. The amount of Troponin I is directly proportional to the amount of color developed.

Specimen Collection and Storage:
*Keep Standard frozen until use. Collect samples without preservative, separate and clarify them by centrifugation if necessary. Samples may be stored at 4˚C for up to 1 week or at -60˚C for up to 2 months. Prior to assay, allow the samples to come to room temperature. Do not apply heat to thaw frozen samples.

Specimen Required: Serum,
Plasma or tissue extract.

Assay Range: .078 – 50.0 ng/ml

Precision: Intra- and inter-assay precision for samples within the assay
range have a C.V. of <10%.

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