How can you offer a 100% quality guarantee? 

At Ethos Biosciences, we take a Quality by Design approach. Our kits go through rigorous validation during development to ensure their robustness and stability. Once transferred to manufacturing, incoming raw materials and outgoing finished product must pass our demanding quality control specifications and quality assurance review. When a product ships from Ethos Biosciences, we are sure that it works as intended and are proud to offer a 100% quality guarantee.

Who do we work with? 

We work with universities, contract research organizations, clinical testing labs, national/international distributors (US, Asia, Europe), and other pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies.

Where are our products located?  

Our products are manufactured and stored at our 127,000 sq ft New Jersey facility in Swedesboro, New Jersey. This newly designed space has enabled us to continue to meet our impeccable manufacturing standards and increased demands from our customers.

How does the shipping process work?

We use UPS Ground and UPS Next Day Air for domestic and international shipping.  All Exocell products can be shipped internationally and have to be shipped on ice packs. Astral products aren’t typically shipped internationally but some exceptions can be made depending upon the order.

How can I get free technical support? 

Call us at 856-224-0900 or email us at for extensive technical support & customer service.